Having more time, being in control of your future, creating financial security, and living a quality and purposeful life.

A simple, easy to duplicate and rewarding system.
No selling * No inventory * No risk!

When you are looking to: 

Create a quality of life you deserve and desire.

Add to, supplement or replace income creating financial security and peace of mind. 

Create a healthy, happy and safe environment to thrive in. 

Be part of an award winning team that is partnered with a company that is focused on making a difference and purposely helping others. 

Stayin Home and Lovin It! will provide you with the leadership, tools and proven success model to help you reach your goals.


About Us    

For over a 19 years Stayin Home and Lovin It! has been helping families secure the incomes needed to live the lives they choose. By creating supplemental and replacement incomes members have created time freedom, financial security and healthy, happy homes. This team is made up of like minded, goal oriented individuals with common goals: living better lives and make a positive contribution to a global effort of total wellness. Our unique system will show you how 1000's of others have been able to work around their busy lives, help others all around the world, with no selling, inventories and absolutely no risks. Meet the team members like you who made the choice to put their happiness, futures and families first.

Our Team



In August of 2000, I made a tough decision to leave my corporate career as a Vice President of Operations in the fitness industry. Although I loved my career and was successful, I was successfully discontented I was missing memories I would never get back. As a new mom my priorities had shifted and raising my child, focusing on securing my future was more important than anything. By a process of teaming up with other like minded people and focusing on helping them reach their goals I was able to replace my corporate six figure income, be home, secure our future with residual income and not miss a precious memory along the way. We are Stayin Home and Lovin It! You can too!



A little more than a year ago I decided that I needed to make a supplemental income. Nothing is more common than being young and making a little extra. I never knew though that making the decision of staying at home, would of led me to being a part of a loving team that shared the same passion that I had; to educate and help. I get to choose my hours, help people who are in need, and be a part of something really great while making a paycheck. I’ve got more out of stayin home than I expected when I began this venture.



My family is the most important things to me, my husband and I have been married for 28 years and we have two kids who are both college graduates. Through my own business I have been able to provide safer, healthier and cleaner products for all of them! I have also been able to dream bigger dreams with the help of my team for example, improving my own health by making new fitness goals! I am so passionate about helping others with their health and wellness!


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